Packaging Trends: What Millennials want from Packaging

November 6, 2013
Less than a minute

Although Generation Y may be tight on cash, they still have a thirst for premium drinks. Happy to move to a smaller pack size if this delivers to their lifestyle, Millennials are responding well to packaging that communicates a premium or exclusive positioning delivered at the right price. To create this feeling of affordable luxury, packaging should avoid falling back on over-decoration or placing a heavy reliance on metalic touches and ‘bling’. Gen Y isn’t about conspicuous consumption but about products, brands and packaging that appeals to their values and desires.

In this video, Benjamin Punchard, Global Packaging Insights Director at Mintel, talks you through some innovative packs targeting Generation Y.

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Benjamin Punchard
Benjamin Punchard

Benjamin is Global Packaging Insights Director, creating insightful analysis to enable packaging companies to grow and brands to maximise the power of their packaging.

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