Pet love will inspire new opportunities for homecare

February 18, 2021
4 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted a rise in pet ownership, indicating an opportunity for pet-friendly cleaning products to reach more consumers than ever before. Brands can leverage newfound pet love through homecare solutions specially designed for new pet parents and developed to tackle pet messes while preventing cleaning fatigue. Here, we explore the latest cleaning innovations for pet parents and the strategies homecare brands could use to make the most of this opportunity.

Tap into the record rise in new pet parents

A rise in pet adoptions and foster inquiries amidst COVID-19 has led to an increased opportunity for brands to cater to a growing target segment of first-time pet owners who will need to adjust their habits. 

As cleaning routines change to accommodate pets’ hygiene needs, brands have the opportunity to introduce pet-friendly homecare ranges more specifically designed to cater for pet-related cleaning.

For instance, Nature‘s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner claims to contain an odour-eliminating technology and a bio-enzymatic formula that cleans while protecting natural floor finishes.

Nature’s Miracle Hard Floor Cleaner

Source: Mintel GNPD

Tackle pet messes while preventing cleaning fatigue

As people – whether pet owners or not – find cleaning stressful, formulas suitable for both hard and textile surfaces that also provide long-lasting cleaning action will resonate among pet owners seeking time- and energy-saving solutions.

Products that add pet-specific functionality, such as eliminating pheromones that can attract pets, will help brands to reinforce their value and increase their appeal to pet parents.

Out! Advanced Severe Stain & Odor Remover

Source: Mintel GNPD

Out! Advanced Severe Stain & Odor Remover is said to keep the floors pristine and get rid of unwanted pet odors and stains.

Vanish Pet Expert Carpet + Upholstery Foam

Source: Mintel GNPD


This foam from Vanish is said to clean pet messes and prevent pet remarking on carpets.

Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver

Source: Amazon

Brands can also take inspiration from Vamoosh, a pet hair dissolving detergent added to washing cycles to keep pet bedding hair-free.

Communicate directly to pet parents

To increase their appeal to pet parents, brands need to develop communication strategies specially targeted at them and their furry friends. As pets are increasingly viewed as members of the family, brands can switch messaging to leverage the parenting instincts and home cleaning routines of pet owners.

Limited edition New Product Development with unique gadgets for pets or social media initiatives aimed at celebrating pet love can help brands resonate with pet parents and boost their animal-friendly profile.

Mr Proper Multi-Surface Cleaner for Homes with Pets

Source: Mintel GNPD

Mr Proper’s multi-surface cleanser is designed for “homes with pets”. 

As virus-related hygiene concerns lead to increased cleaning frequency in the home, brands need to ensure they are promoting safe and health-focused approaches to homecare routines that take all household members into consideration.

It is especially important for brands to emphasise that their packaging is safe for pets, as over a quarter of UK consumers are interested in packaging that prevents pets from being poisoned. In the same way we have seen products targeting child safety, New Product Development with specific pet-friendly packaging designed to protect pets can help brands more directly push into the pet care market, leveraging pet parents’ dedication to wellbeing for all members of the household.

Brands can also leverage the humanisation of pets by offering premium ranges specially formulated to be used around prestige breeds, and containing functional ingredients approved by veterinary institutions to boost pets’ health. For example, essential oils of lavender have a positive effect on pets’ mood, while lemongrass and citronella are known to naturally protect pets from fleas and ticks.

Appeal to pet owners through packaging

Pet-inspired packaging designs can help brands differentiate their pet-friendly offering and capture pet-lovers’ attention quickly and effectively.

Handee Pet Odour Neutralising Paper Towel with Orange Scent 

Source: Mintel GNPD

Handee’s odor neutralising paper towels are said to be specially designed by pet lovers for pet lovers, and feature an Interlock Weave technology that quickly absorbs liquids and helps neutralise odours.

Kids ‘n’ Pets Instant All-Purpose Stain & Odor Remover

Source: Mintel GNPD

This stain and odor remover from Kids ‘n’ Pets features a non-toxic, biodegradable and cruelty-free formula that permanently eliminates odours.

Febreze Fresh Scent Fabric Refresher

Source: Mintel GNPD

Febreze’s scent refresher is said to remove lingering pet odours from fabrics as it dries.

Emilia Tognacchini
Emilia Tognacchini

Emilia researches and writes UK Reports, focusing on Household, BPC and Brands.

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