Pet owners are an untapped market for aircare

June 22, 2018
3 min read

As the human population has grown, the number of pets has naturally increased as well. More than 72 million US households (about 58% of all households) have at least one pet in the home, and 63% of UK households account for owning a pet. The pet’s relationships with their owner has evolved and become humanized, creating a new breed of pet owners who treat and view their pets as their children – voicing similar needs, fears, and values, as explored in Mintel Trend “Creature Comfort.” With pets getting more attention, demand for products that deal with pet hair, dander, and scent is creating opportunities for aircare or air purifiers that address these specific issues.

Aircare helps mitigate pet odors

Across numerous categories, brands have been extending ranges to appeal to pet owners, offering products to address specific challenges of pet ownership like keeping the home looking and smelling clean.

While owners adore their pets, they are unhappy with the odors they may bring into the home, such as personal scents or tracking odor particles from a litterbox or the outdoors.

In the UK, 14% of pet owners voice concerns about their pet’s smell. In the US, pet odor motivates 36% of aircare users to use products – increasing to 46% among adults aged 35-44, who are most likely to have pets in the home.

Aircare and air treatment brands have an opportunity to widen reach and appeal to pet owners’ need for products that remove odors, for a clean and fresh-smelling home.

In the UK, 14% of pet owners voice concerns about their pet’s smell

Chemical and safety concerns influence usage

Chemical content of air fresheners is a concern shared by a notable proportion of air freshener users in the US and Europe. Between 28-40% of European aircare users are concerned about the chemicals in the air fresheners they use. As adults are increasingly viewing their pets as children, they may be reluctant to use air fresheners in the home and expose their pets to chemicals.

Likewise, cat owners may be hesitant to use candles to remove cat odors due to their tendency to crawl on surfaces where candles may be positioned. Marketers of air purifiers could trade on this fear in their marketing while offering a way to remove pet odors, hair, and dander without the threat of chemicals or open flames.

Air purifiers to tackle pet dander and pet hair

Linking pet health to air quality creates new marketing opportunities for air purifier brands. Air purifiers with activated carbon filters can neutralize pet odors, rather than just covering them up like aerosol sprays or scented candles.

Keeping the home clean is another challenge faced by 43% of US dog owners – increasing to 46% of US cat owners. Brands are highlighting air purifiers’ ability to help remove unwanted pet hair in addition to removing odors and allergens.

Odor-neutralizing, pet-safe aircare

Dog-friendly candle

One Fur All Pet House Natural Soy Candle is made specifically to neutralize pet odors with effective and safe ingredients, including 100%-natural and dye-free soy wax and essential oils.

Freshening doggy mist

Y.U.M. Mist Doggie Spritzer claims to remove dog smells from the home using 100% pure essential oils, purified water, vegetable glycerin and no chemical emulsifiers.

Pet-safe formula

Fresh Wave is made using the best natural ingredients to remove odors from pets, trash, food, bathrooms or smoke for up to 90 days. It is odor-free, non-toxic, non-GMO and free from harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients.

Rebecca Watters
Rebecca Watters

Rebecca provides analysis across a variety of categories including household and personal care, and currently serves as the household care analyst, with a unique focus on air care. She utilizes research to develop insightful analysis while also applying relevant industry trends.

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