Supplements can support the wellness trend for pets

June 2, 2021
3 min read

A global shift in working patterns towards more remote working will facilitate an already growing  ownership of pets, which will support volume growth in pet food. Consumer desire to go above and beyond for the health and happiness of pets suggests a need for pet supplements that are both safe and beneficial for pets’ health.

In the UK, over a third of pet food buyers agree supplements are the most efficient way of delivering functional benefits to pets. Supplements that offer superior health benefits, such as personalised supplements or functional treats, should thrive. Here are our top recommendations for pet supplement brands to create products that are both safe and beneficial for pets’ health.

Deliver ‘complete nutrition’ through personalised diet plans

Personalisation can deliver premium pet supplements and meal plans, and should prove sought after, as nearly half of French consumers who buy food for their dogs/cats, for example, would be interested in a personalised diet plan for their pet.

As safety is among the top priorities of pet-owners, there is an opportunity for food, drink, treat and supplement meal plans comprising complementary products that together remove the risks surrounding over-nutrition and toxicity.

Canidae CA-20 nutrition pack with 24g of protein for low activity levels

Source: Canidae

Although a food product, Canidae CA is designed to meet the needs of dogs with different activity levels. Offered in three varieties, CA-20, CA-30 and CA-40 are specifically designed for dogs with low, moderate, or high activity levels respectively – offering an example of a personalised product for pets.

Offer DIY pet supplement mixes

Some research suggests that nutritional deficiencies are more likely to be present in pets fed on homemade, rather than commercially produced pet food. Indeed, nearly half of pet owners in the UK say they would like more guidance on making homemade pet food.

For supplementing homemade pet meals with the right nutrition

Source: Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola Meal Mix Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement Mix is specially designed for pet owners who wish to make pet food at home, stating that: “With the assistance of an expert pet food formulator, Mercola Healthy Pets have created a complete system to take the guesswork out of helping prepare nutritionally balanced meals”.

Blur the boundaries with functional food and drink

To date, few pet food launches come in a drink format, but brands such as Tally-Ho and Wolfspring have experimented with functional drinks for pets, and are likely targeting younger pet owners.

Tally-Ho water enhancers with functional benefits for dogs

Source: Pet Food Processing

Tally-Ho functional water supplement for Emotional Health uses L-Theanine to promote calm behaviour, with the Immune Health product containing vitamins C and E and zinc.

Wolfspring Vitamin Blend Drink for Puppies, Adult and Senior dogs

Source: Wolfspring

Wolfspring’s ‘Adult pet drink’ contains inulin, glucosamine, omega-3 and potassium as health ingredients.

Low-calorie functional treats could help avoid weight issues in pets

Consumer interest in pet foods with health benefits suggests an opportunity for functional treats. However, health benefits delivered by food rather than supplement format may increase the amount of energy (calories, sugar etc) that a pet consumes.

Indeed, over four in ten of French pet owners agree their pet would benefit from losing some weight.

LIQ Liquid treat for Dogs. Hip and Joint

Source: LIQ

LIQ is described as a healthy liquid treat for dogs and cats, and is low in calories and fortified with L-carnitine to burn fat.

Emma Schofield
Emma Schofield

Emma is the Associate Director, Global Food Science, covering nutrition health and wellness, ingredients and additives, new trends, food labeling and regulation across all categories.

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