Ten signs your pet is a part of the family

October 23, 2015

With just under 60% of the UK population owning a pet, here at Mintel, we understand how important furry friends are to many consumers lives. We’ve picked out ten stats that illustrate how pets are becoming more and more like family members across the UK… 

  • 1. You like to dine together

    21% of pet owners either have used or would be interested in trying restaurants with special pet menus.


  • 2. You fork out for them…a lot

    On average, British pet owners spend £34 on pet food and treats monthly. Thus expenditure on pet food could run at £405 a year.


  • 3. You want to get away together

    The demand for travelling with pets is high; almost four in 10 pet owners feel guilty leaving their pet behind when they go on holiday.


  • 4. You make them play pass the parcel

    Humanisation of pets is a key theme running though the industry, for example a third of owners buy their pets a Christmas present.


  • 5. You pamper them regularly

    Over a quarter of pet owners admit they like to pamper their pets and women in particular find it hard to pass by a new toy or a treat even if they did not plan on buying it (46%).


  • 6. You help them mind their figure

    7% of pet owners have used a pet exercise class, whilst 7% have used a weight management service, with interest standing at 16% and 18%, respectively.


  • 7. You protect them at any expense

    Among pet owners, 44% said that they had some form of pet insurance for their pet, with 60% of insured pet owners owning a lifetime policy


  • 8. You don’t want them to be lonely

    Half of people who own dogs or cats are interested in monitoring their pets while they are out with half of pet owners aged 16-34 interested in pet TV to amuse pets.


  • 9. You keep them looking spiffy

    7% of pet owners have bought clothing for their pets in the past 12 months.


  • 10. You can’t choose your family…

    …but many choose their pets to be their friends! Companionship (57%) is the biggest reason for getting a pet, and this rises further to 69% amongst people living on their own.

Ina Mitskavets
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