10 Best Blog Posts of 2022

December 29, 2022
5 min read

It’s the time of year when the sun sets earlier, rises later, and temperatures drop in the Northern Hemisphere. Animals hibernate, and humans gather to celebrate holidays with friends and families. It’s a time to relax, pull out the fuzzy slippers, and reflect on the year past and the year to come. So, we rounded up the 10 best blog posts from 2022 so that you don’t have to. What resonated with our readers? What got clicks? We did that research, so you can cozy up with a cuppa and just enjoy reading.

Topics ranged from Gen Z to inflation to sustainability, along with a good dash of coffee and ice cream thrown in, much like conversations around the table at the holidays. The thread that ties them all together? Mintel’s industry-leading market research… our world-class analysts offered insights on trends and global events, continuing to prove why we are the expert in what consumers want and why. So without further ado, here are 10 of our most popular blog posts from 2022:

1. Three Things Brands Need To Know About Marketing To Gen Z Consumers

“Gen Zs have unique interests, behaviors, and expectations when they shop. Brands and retailers looking to target and appeal to them will want to tailor shopping experiences and product offerings to meet their needs and preferences. So how do you market to this “AVID” generation? What do they look for? Here, we break down three key things brands need to know about marketing to Gen Z consumers.”

Three Things Brands Need to Know About Marketing to Gen Z Consumers

2. Cost Of Living Crisis: 3 Strategies For Brands To Help Consumers Deal With The Squeeze On Incomes

“When incomes are squeezed, there’s a natural tendency for people to pay much closer attention to their spending. Nearly four of ten French consumers and around a third of UK and German consumers, for example, tell us they’re sticking to a set budget for their grocery spending “most of the time”.  As during the previous recession, this greater scrutiny of spending doesn’t necessarily mean people will trade down: just that they become laser-focused on value across all price points.”

3. Three Food And Drink Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

“But the thing is, 2023 will be even worse than 2022. That is when the recession will really start to hit home, unemployment will start to rise and more people will find their incomes become squeezed by rising interest rates. Brands need to be ready, and here are my recommendations…”

4. Coffee’s Fourth Wave: What It Means For Retail And Foodservice Coffee Brands

“The US coffee market is now entering its fourth wave, marked by Gen Z’s unique coffee preferences and the growth of at-home specialty coffee drinks. Fourth-wave coffee will be characterized by cool brews, bottom-up innovation, and a new approach to coffee marketing.”

5. Five Key Strategies For Brands To Help Consumers Deal With Inflation

“It’s more important than ever for brands to understand their consumers and the circumstances they face. Brands across industries need to be prepared to adapt during a period of uncertainty for consumers. Here, we identify five strategies for brands to help consumers deal with a sustained period of inflation and less disposable income.”

6. The Future Of Sustainability In Household Cleaning

“Sustainability in the household care industry is not necessarily a new topic – prominent European eco brand Ecover was founded in 1979 with the mission of creating phosphate-free cleaning products.

However, in line with more recent wider consumer behaviours and attitudes, the issue has never been more relevant. As the perceived threat to the environment grows, there is no doubt that people are taking far more responsibility for the decisions they make than they used to.”

7. Ice Cream: Current And Future Trends (VIDEO)

“While ice cream is inherently indulgent, brands have been experimenting around indulgent mix-ins and toppings to make their products seem more premium, and thus more of a treat for comfort-seeking shoppers.”

8. 2023 Marketing Trends: A Spotlight On Inflation

“Consumers are grappling with the new, post-pandemic world which includes an environment of economic uncertainty. The supply chain and inflationary issues that stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, and, most recently, rising interest rates have all had a trickle-down effect that has dampened consumers’ spending power while also increasing anxieties about the future.”

9. Cost Of Living: Helping Consumers Waste Less And Save More

“In late September, Sainsbury’s, a leading UK supermarket, created a pop-up called “Sainsfreeze” to highlight how hard-pressed consumers can freeze more food than they realise to help them stretch their budgets further – and help save the planet. While people are familiar with freezing meat, seafood and bread, fewer people know you can also freeze eggs, yoghurt and cheese as well as fruit, vegetables and herbs.”

10. The Future Of Dairy And Non-Dairy Drinks (VIDEO)

“The next five years will be pivotal for the dairy and non-dairy sectors. Dairy drinks have sought to reassure consumers about health with added functionality, and environmental claims are becoming more detailed…  Meanwhile, non-dairy drinks have sought to target a wider audience by using plant-based claims instead of vegan. And how will both industries react to the disruption that will be caused when lab-grown milk becomes more established?”


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