Calming Cymru: Just one in four Welsh consumers say they feel tired, compared to almost half of Londoners

September 23, 2015

As the pace of modern life continues to accelerate, it seems that some parts of the UK are handling it better than others. New research from Mintel finds that just one in four (26%) Welsh consumers say that they are currently feeling tired or fatigued, compared to an average of 40% of British consumers and a staggering 47% of Londoners.

Furthermore, as well counting their sheep, Mintel’s research shows that Wales may be one of the most tranquil places in the UK. Less than a quarter (23%) of Welsh consumers agree they are are currently stressed, compared to an average of 29% of Brits. In contrast, over a third (36%) of Londoners say they are currently stressed.

And it seems that the high proportion of UK consumers feeling flustered is having a positive effect on sales of certain supplements. Indeed, sales of energy and mind supplements have risen 5% in the past year from £56 million in June 2014 to £59 million in June 2015.

23% of Welsh consumers agree they are are currently stressed, compared to an average of 29% of Brits

Jack Duckett, Consumer Lifestyles Analyst at Mintel, said:

“Modern life – particularly in London – has consumers on edge. In Wales however we see a dip in fatigue and stress levels, as people in Wales often have reduced commuting times, a lower cost of living and lower property prices, all of which could contribute to lower stress levels. Additionally, younger demographics – the age group who have the highest levels of stress – are increasingly moving into big cities, thus reducing overall stress levels in areas with smaller cities.”

Despite the rising sales of energy and mind supplements, overall sales of vitamins and supplements are expected to show growth of just 1% in 2015 to reach just £409 million, after remaining at £405 million between 2013 and 2014. Falling sales of joint care and adult specific supplements have contributed to the slow market growth, with joint care falling 6% from £72 million in June 2014 to £68 million in June 2015. Adult specific supplements have also fallen 5%, from £42 million in June 2014 to £40 million in June 2015.

What’s more, it seems that consumers’ rising interest in healthy eating is having a negative impact on the vitamins and supplements market. Two thirds (67%) of Brits agree that it is better to get vitamins from a healthy diet than to rely on vitamin, mineral or supplement products.

Offering positive signals for recovery however, consumers are still drawn to the ‘quick fix’ nature of the supplements market. Over half (52%) of Brits think that vitamins are an easy way to ensure they get the nutrients they need and 47% think that people use vitamins to fix a bad diet.

“Despite consumers feeling the strain, value sales of vitamin and mineral supplements flatlined in 2014, as a shift towards healthier diets impacted consumer interest in the market. Consumers remain in two minds about vitamins and supplements. Whilst the majority are keen to get the vitamins they need from their diets, hectic lifestyles mean that consumers are still turning to supplements in order to ensure they get the vitamins they need.” Jack continues.

Encouragingly for the market, sales of demographic specific vitamins are fast gaining momentum. Indeed, sales of vitamins targeted towards men grew a healthy 12% from £8 million in June 2014 to £9 million in June 2015. Similarly, value sales of vitamins targeted towards women grew 10%, from £56 million in June 2014 to £58 million in June 2015.

“Sales of demographically targeted vitamins continue to fare well, reflecting the increasing consumer desire for personalisation. Developing new products that address the needs of niche demographic groups and lifestyles could help to drive top line category sales growth.” Jack concludes.

Press review copies of the  Vitamins and Supplements UK 2015 report and interviews with Mintel’s analysts are available on request from the press office.

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