Celebrate the Fourth of July with some sizzling stats from Mintel

July 1, 2013


Chicago (July 1, 2013)—It’s safe to say that we are in the thick of barbecue season, and Americans love their grills. To commemorate the warm weather and the upcoming Fourth of July weekend , Mintel has collected some sizzling summer holiday stats to heat up your celebrations–enjoy!


  • 29% of Americans attended a Fourth of July celebration within the past two years, 18% made a special dish. When it comes to Labor Day, 14% went to a party at a friend’s and 11% made special food.
  • 29% of Americans participated in Memorial Day festivities within the past two years — 10% cooked, baked or served a special food, 12% attended a party or event at someone else’s home.
  • 23% of Americans bought special holiday foods for the Fourth of July in the past two years and 19% picked up alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, 24% purchased special holiday foods to celebrate Labor Day compared to 12% who purchased liquor. Memorial Day seems to net the least food and booze purchases, with 12% and 10% respectively.
  • 28% of Americans have hosted a summer holiday party in the past to commemorate the Fourth of July, Labor Day or Memorial Day.
  • Gas or charcoal? 50% of Americans own a gas grill, 36% prefer the charcoal variety.
  • 80% of US grill owners agree that grilling is an enjoyable way to cook while 59% of grill owners say grilling is the easiest way to prepare food.
  • 53% of American grilling fans believe food prepared this way is healthier than other cooking methods.
  • 50% of US grill users cook veggies on the grill, compared to just 6% who prepare fruit that way.
  • During the height of outdoor grilling season, the average US grill owner uses their grill about three days a week.
  • Hamburgers are the most popular barbecue choice with 91% of American grill owners reporting that they have prepared them, followed by steak (85%), chicken (85%) and hot dogs (84%).
  • Grilling alone? 27% of US hot dog lovers would be interested in single-serve franks.


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