Easter Edutainment for Brits this weekend?

April 9, 2009

Edutation, edutation , edutation – No rest for the wicked as “Why don’t you” culture runs through one in two Briton’s homes. As the nation looks forward to a weekend of rest and relaxation, latest research from Mintel finds industrious Brits will be doing far more with their spare time than simply putting their feet up and delving into a chocolate egg. New research from Mintel, finds as many as half of Brits like to feel they are doing something constructive in their free time.  Today, one in three (33%) of us pick activities that we can learn something new through. Meanwhile, almost a fifth (17%) actively try to incorporate education into our leisure time.  Just 15% of us prefer to take it easy and do nothing in our spare time. “This latest research highlights the trend towards edutainment, the blending of learning and educational experiences with leisure, a technique that has been gathering pace for some years. It is a highly valuable concept which allows educational and entertainment providers to increase their perceived value in the eyes of the consumer. ”  comments Helena Spicer, Senior Leisure Analyst “Brits today want to do more than simply put their feet up and watch a soap. What is clear from this research is that many of us thrive in a sense of achievement, even in our leisure time.  And it is this sense of achievement which has prompted the growth of the experience market such as Jamie Oliver’s latest venture Recipease. ” adds Helena. The most popular type of edutainment is watching a documentary or informative programme, indeed, today, almost three quarters (72%) of Brits enjoy learning something new through the television.  Meanwhile, just under one in two (45%) of us now thrive under the mental challenge of completing puzzles such as Sudoku, crosswords and brain teasers.   Visiting educational venues such as museums, galleries, historic buildings and zoos completes the top three favourites.  In terms of more active participation in edutation, one in ten (10%) of us learn through informal education at home, via a language pack or distance learning.  Meanwhile, almost the same number of Brits (9%) attend evening classes. Around half this number (4%) have some kind of private tuition at home. “The majority of Brits prefer passive edutainment such as watching a documentary and completing a puzzle. Marketing focusing on education and learning can sometimes be a turn-off which explains the low numbers of people who take part in active educational pursuits such as private tuition” adds Helena. Those most likely to take part in edutainment are aged between 35 and 44. This group tend to be the most versatile and among those undertaking five or more educationally-biased activities. Parents aged over 35, and those with children aged 10-15 are most likely to take part in edutainment. “The emerging trend for hyper parenting, which is often characterised by a desire to ensure that everything their children do involves some kind of learning, has created and, in some cases even been caused by, the growing availability of attractions and products which seek to blend learning into play. Thus edutainment has been a major force for adding value to products and experiences, within the child-oriented sector. “says Helena.

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