How parents will be saving this school year

August 16, 2013


Chicago (August 15, 2013) — Whether you’re excited or apprehensive about the new school year, you’re almost certainly wondering how much it will cost you. Parents across the country are trying to save on their back-to-school shopping and Mintel research reveals how they are doing it.

  • 48% shopped sales or clearance racks or outlet stores to save on back-to-school shopping last year.
  • 32% bought clothes on sale throughout the year in 2012 and saved them for the new school year, 36% did the same for school supplies.
  • 37% say they used coupons to cut their back-to-school budget last year.
  • 26% compared prices online before purchasing in store or through a mobile app on their smartphones before purchasing in store.


What are parents buying and how much are they spending?

  • 33% of parents spent more on school supplies in 2012 than they did in 2011, 24% spent more on electronic products and 36% saw a bigger apparel and shoes bill.
  • The average family spent $80 on school supplies last year, $224 on electronic products and $244 on clothes.
  • 76% of parents say that back-to-school in-store promotions and items shown at the end of the aisles usually catch their attention.
  • 53% of US parents say they worry about how they will afford their child’s back-to-school supplies and clothing.


Waiting to spot the trends?

  • 21% of parents say they wait until school starts to see what other kids are wearing before they purchase new clothes for their child.
  • 40% of moms and dads say they worry that if their child doesn’t have the ‘right clothes’ or supplies other kids will tease them.
  • 91% of American parents believe it’s important for their child to have all the supplies they need to start school.


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