Mintel announces Global Household Care Trends for 2030

February 5, 2020

Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why, has today (5 February 2020) announced two trends set to impact the global household care market over the next decade:

  • Clean Machine: The rapid advancement of technology will enable consumers to create hyper-personalised approaches to managing their home and their health.
  • Together in Isolation: Evolving consumer views about our world will lead to changes in what they expect from sustainability and corporate social responsibility over the next decade.

Looking ahead, Jamie Rosenberg, Senior Global Analyst at Mintel, discusses how these major trends are set to influence the household sector worldwide, including implications for manufacturers, companies, brands, and consumers.

Clean Machine

“Over the next 10 years, expect to see home automation become commonplace, with new capabilities adopted to meet specific consumer needs. At the same time, some markets will see a backlash against the growing dependence on machines, driving consumers to rediscover a sense of community.

“We predict the rapid advancement of technology will enable consumers to create hyper-personalised approaches to managing their home and the same technology that drives the next frontier of household convenience will be the one that drives health. While the impact of technology will vary from market to market, depending on various factors and drivers, rapid change always leaves threats and opportunities in its wake. If acted on now, household brands have an opportunity to shape how automation affects their business.”

Together in Isolation

“The next decade will see evolving consumer views about our world, leading to changes in what consumers expect from sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Some markets will see the pace of globalisation slow and homecare brands benefiting by looking to positively influence the lives of consumers on a local level; in other markets, globalisation and global awareness will expand, with homecare brands finding success by creating products and services that contribute to making the world a better place.

“Sustainability and corporate social responsibility will be one of the main areas of focus for brands over the next decade. But how they approach the subject will take different forms, particularly as consumers’ views on the world evolve. The divergence between localism and globalism, alongside growing activist mindsets, will focus consumer minds on what they want from the brands and products they use.”

To find out Mintel’s predictions for what consumers in 2030 will want and why and what brands must do now to stay ahead of the competition, download the free thought piece here.

Media interviews with Jamie Rosenberg, Senior Global Analyst, are available on request from the Mintel Press Office.

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