Mintel Comperemedia announces three telecommunications marketing trends for 2019

December 11, 2018

Mintel Comperemedia has today (December 11, 2018) announced three trends predicted to make an impact on the US telecommunications industry in 2019.

The 5G Shakeup

5G wireless will drive heightened promotional activity in areas with new internet competition, and greater urgency for providers to differentiate with strong brand messaging, better experiences, and re-imagined bundles.

In 2019, 5G fixed and mobile wireless is expected to not only bring better connectivity to underserved areas, but also greater competition to well-served markets, driving lower price points for consumers and more aggressive promotions from home internet providers. In addition to the internet offer wars, as more next-generation networks launch, there will be a new wave of network message claims sweeping the marketplace, with many hyping speed.

“Speed remains top-of-mind for consumers. Providers that cannot compete on speed will lose out if they cannot differentiate through other key features that consumers value when it comes to their internet service. Looking ahead, expect to see providers cut through the network claims ‘noise’ by featuring ways their 5G or hyper-speed internet can positively impact the lives of individuals or communities, offering new content or Internet of Things bundles, and providing superior customer service,” said Emily Groch, Director of Insights, Telecommunications, at Mintel Comperemedia.

Game On!

Providers will look to marketing partnerships and other strategies to help their brands resonate with gamers.

With increased speeds and reduced latency on 5G, next-generation networks are set to enable gaming to become richer and more real-time than ever before. Expect to see carriers partner with game developers and platforms to target fans of specific gaming franchises or genres through co-branded marketing efforts or sponsorships. What’s more, eSports partnerships and sponsorships are expected to become highly prized relationships for cellular/internet marketers.

“The advent of 5G will have a significant impact on both in-home and mobile gaming in 2019 and beyond. Carriers have an opportunity to team up with established franchises to create experiences to appeal to gamers, such as through exclusive digital gear or behind-the-scenes views. Looking ahead, 5G will contribute to the continue growth of eSports, expanding how people watch video game competitions. Providers and video distributors will integrate tournaments and other coverage into their offerings, and may eventually acquire game producers or eSports leagues,” continued Groch.

Tech-Savvy Seniors

Seniors are becoming more tech-savvy as tech becomes cheaper, easier to use, and offers more relevant functionality for this age group. Providers will respond by increasing marketing efforts to senior segments.

As the smartphone market becomes more saturated, providers are looking to both ends of the age spectrum to sell devices and services. As wearables, smart home, and other devices get smarter, cellular and residential internet providers will be thinking about how to target seniors with compelling use cases, bundles, and offers.

“As seniors become more tech savvy, and technology becomes more affordable, we’ll see heavier marketing efforts for cellular services and connected devices targeted to this demographic. 5G will help super-charge the mobile device market in the coming years, with assistive robots, hearables, and other helpful devices adding to the multitude of connected devices entering homes. Expect to see improved technologies like these make tech more relevant for seniors, creating partnership opportunities for wireless and home internet providers seeking to reach this highly relevant segment,” concluded Groch.

Interviews with Emily Groch, Director of Insights, Telecommunications, are available on request from the press office.

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