Over a third of all anti-pollution beauty products were launched in Asia Pacific in 2016 Mintel reports

November 8, 2016

As the beauty market once again flocks to in-cosmetics Bangkok (Tuesday 8th November – Thursday 10th November 2016), Mintel unveils new research demonstrating the increasing popularity of anti-pollution claims in the Asia Pacific region. So far this year*, over one in three (38%) new beauty products launched carrying an anti-pollution claim has been launched in the Asia Pacific market, up from just 28% of anti-pollution launches which were seen in this region in 2015.

Although just 1% of beauty product launches this year have carried an anti-pollution claim globally, Mintel’s research highlights that certain markets in the APAC region are racing ahead in terms of innovation. Indeed, almost one in 10 (8%) beauty products launched in Australia so far this year have carried an anti-pollution claim, followed by 3% of new beauty products in Thailand, 2% in Japan and 2% in China.

The rise in innovation comes as many consumers express increasing concerns over the impact of pollution. In China for instance, over half (55%) of consumers would like to learn more about how to protect themselves from pollution, while 61% say they are very concerned about PM2.5. Outside of the APAC region it’s also of interest, with 41% of women in France agreeing that environmental factors such as pollution affect the skin, while 14% of consumers in the US say that pollution is one of the most important factors which has an impact on their skin.

Speaking at in-cosmetics Bangkok, Sharon Kwek, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Innovation and Insights Analyst at Mintel, said:

“Consumers globally are worried about the effects of pollution on their skin and hair, yet anti-pollution claims currently appear on just 1% of beauty launches. We can expect a vibrant market in the future thanks to a large number of new anti-pollution ingredients coming onto the market. In particular, Asia Pacific has some of the world’s biggest facial skincare markets as well as increasing consumer concerns about pollution, which offers huge sales potential for brands.”

While anti-pollution products are growing in popularity, Mintel’s research shows that consumers are also demanding more products which cater to their differing needs throughout the day.

“Consumers are being encouraged to continually monitor and manage their health and fitness. Beauty companies are moving in this direction too, offering round-the-clock beauty routines. As a result, we’re seeing products launching to energise consumers at the start of the day, a separate set catering to their beauty breaks at work and on-the-go and another to help them repair their bodies and promote better sleep at night.” Sharon comments.

Indeed, research from Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD) shows that the number of beauty and personal care products launched globally in 2015 positioned for morning use and carrying a time or speed claim more than doubled between 2013 and 2015. Additionally, 18% of US personal care users say they wish their routine was less time consuming.

“Most consumers just want to get out of the door and get on with their day in the morning, so brands are starting to offer ways to get the most out of their products in the shortest possible time.” Sharon comments.

While time is still tight, consumers across the Asia Pacific region continue to prioritise their grooming routines. Over half (58%) of consumers in Thailand say they would definitely take better care of their appearance in 2016, while 34% of consumers in Australia agree the same. What’s more, 44% of Chinese women say they are trying to improve their skin by adding more to their routines, for instance, lunch time treatments and wearing suncare at any time.

And as a result of consumers increasing need to apply cosmetics on the go during the day, research from Mintel GNPD finds that between 2014 and 2016* there was a 19% increase in the proportion of colour cosmetics products launched carrying an on-the-go claim.

“Single use, spray and stick formats offer portability and convenience for consumers who travel, commute or want the option to top up their freshness and make-up throughout the day.”

Finally, as an increasing number of product launches are targeting consumers’ nighttime routines, this is giving extra meaning to the term ‘beauty sleep’. This is particularly the case in the Asia Pacific region, where there’s been a 40% increase in the number of beauty and personal care products launched referencing ‘night’ on-pack between 2015 and January to October 2016.

Mintel’s research shows that consumers hold a strong belief in the restorative power of sleep. Almost three quarters (72%) of consumers in China say they would improve the quality of their sleep to improve the condition of their skin. What’s more, two-thirds (67%) of consumers in Thailand say that getting enough sleep contributes to a healthy lifestyle, while over half (55%) say they plan to get more sleep over the next 12 months.

“In the evening people take the extra effort to replenish the body. Beauty products that call out claims to support recovery, revival or repair will resonate well with consumers.” Sharon concludes.

*January – October 2016

Sharon Kwek, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Innovation and Insights Analyst at Mintel, will hold the presentation ‘Beauty round the click – Syncing with the body’s natural rhythms’ on Wednesday, 9th November at 1pm in the Marketing Trends Theatre.

Interviews with Sharon Kwek are available at the show at Stand G78 and on request from the press office.

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