Mintel Beauty & Personal Care
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“Mintel BPC is used widely across the whole of the personal care business, ranging from those working in marketing to sales and R&D in every corner of the globe.
It has been embedded as part of our ongoing marketing tools for over five years and is a key reference point for the business.”
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“Our company has been using the Beauty and Personal Care service for more than a decade.”
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“We have been a Mintel client for around 10 years now and we use these services in our personal care business.”
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Industry Forecasting


Plan for what’s next with expert methodology to assess innovation, consumers, markets and trends data.

Agile Insights


Monitoring your competition and creating new ideas based on industry analysis will guide when and how you launch your products.

Improve Sales


Utilize consumer trends, data charts and market sizes to identify new prospects and create stories to use in retail sales.

Packaging Appeal


Understand the use of different packaging materials and why new concepts impact purchasing decisions.