Jennifer Zegler
Jenny Zegler is an Associate Director of Food and Drink at Mintel. Jenny blends her trends expertise with food and drink topics such as health, formulation, sustainability and premiumization.

White spirit sales continue on an upward trajectory, propelled by innovations that have attracted adventuresome Millennials to the category. A new emphasis on quality also is aiding category growth, with Mintel projecting sales of $35.6 billion in 2018.

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, today we look at the perceived party animal of the category, tequila. Tequila sales grew by an estimated 4.1% in 2013, trailing only vodka in the percent increase among white spirits.

Overall, tequila skews more toward men than women, who should be considered an opportunity for tequila manufacturers. Indeed, women of any age are less likely than men to drink gold tequila in the past six months. Silver or blanco tequila has the smallest gap in preference between men and women, however, men still edge out women in their recent consumption of silver or blanco tequila.

Whiskey has successfully been able to appeal to women, a process which could prove to be a model for aged tequilas hoping to expand usage among females. Gold tequilas could follow whiskey’s lead and develop flavors as well as promote new usage occasions to broaden the subsegment’s appeal. And what better usage occasion than Cinco De Mayo? Below we take a look at 4 new tequilas on the market, along with a beer chaser. Cheers!

Magenta Tequila Blanco


Magenta Tequila Blanco para Mujeres (Silver Tequila for Women) is claimed to be specially distilled for the palate of elegant, modern and self-assured women. This product is made with 100% agave and retails in a 750ml bottle.

 1800 Verdano Tequila Blanco Sabor Pepino


1800 Verdano Tequila Blanco Sabor Pepino (Cucumber Flavored White Tequila) is 100% agave. The product retails in a 700ml bottle featuring preparation instructions.

 Carbon Tequila Negro


Carbón Tequila Negro (Black Tequila) has been rested in barrels of toasted oak where it acquires intense flavor and color black. This tequila has been made with 100% agave, and retails in a 750ml bottle.

Sierra Silver Tequila


Sierra Silver Tequila is now available. This product retails in a limited edition 70cl pack featuring a Facebook URL.

 Sol Limon


Cerveceria Moctezuma Sol Cerveza Limón y Sal (Lemon & Salt Flavoured Beer) has been relaunched in a newly designed pack, a new brand name now including Cerveceria Moctezuma, and with a formulation containing 33% less sodium. The product retails in a 6 x 355ml pack featuring the Facebook and Twitter logos.

Jennifer Zegler is a Global Food and Drink Analyst at Mintel. Her main focus is global food and drink trends, and her background includes working as a trade magazine journalist covering beverage manufacturers, marketers and distributors.