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Although Oktoberfest has been cancelled for a second year in a row due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have used the opportunity to select the most surprising product innovations around the world in beauty, personal care, food and pet food in order to celebrate the influential role beer enjoys outside its traditional drink category. 

Beer Beauty

Known for being rich in minerals and micronutrients, beer has nourishing and moisturizing features that beauty brands around the world seem to cherish. Some even reuse its packaging for interesting product innovations in the beauty and personal care space. 

Beer Conditioner, US 

Bröö Invigorating Conditioner has been relaunched with a new brand name (previously known as Bröö Craft Beer Invigorating). It is made with premium beer from malted barley, which is naturally brimming with B vitamins and proteins, and said to help hair feel healthy, make it look stronger and shiner. It also contains coconut oil, rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, known to make all hair types feel nourished and renewed. It has a 100% plant-derived, natural mint and herb scent, with notes of mint, geranium and rosemary, with no beer smell.



Beer shower gel, Germany

Hornbach x Seinz. Duschgel Revitalisierend (Revitalising Shower Gel) stems from a brand cooperation between German drugstore dm and DIY retailer Hornbach. The product features a 2in1 formula to cleanse body and hair, refreshing men after a day at work. It contains lemon, menthol and beer, known to leave the skin feeling fresh and nourished. This vegan product is scented with notes of lime and peppermint, and retails in a pack made from 97% recycled material. 


Adding flavour and sustainable credentials in the food category

Thanks to its unique, refreshing taste, beer enjoys wide popularity around the world. In some countries, it has been traditionally used to smoke or marinate meat and fish. In recent years, beer has found its way to more unusual categories, such as ice cream, chocolate, snack bars and more. With the increasing interest in upcycling food waste, beer and some of its ingredients such as yeast and malt have the potential to be reused in far more categories in the future, in particular in bakery and snack product launches.


Cranberry Coconut Up Bars, New Zealand 

Upcycled Grain Project Cranberry & Coconut Up Bars uses leftover grains from beer to make their snack bars. These sustainable and plant-based bars are free from sugar, GMO, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives, are made with 100% natural ingredients, full of fibre and protein, and feature 21g wholegrains per serving.


Kasteel Rouge Ice Cream, Belgium

LiQ Glace Vanille, Cerise et Bière Kasteel Rouge (Vanilla, Cherry and Kasteel Rouge Flavoured Liquor-Infused Ice Cream) has been added to the range. This premium product is crafted with Belgian white chocolate chunks and a cherry swirl and made with Kasteel Rouge beer. It features reduced sugar content, contains 3.1% alcohol, and retails in a 100% industrially compostable 333g pack. 

Pints for pets

With the ongoing ‘humanisation’ of pets, many consumers wish to offer their furry companions special and unique treats that resemble those for humans. 

Cãolorado Meat Flavored Dog Beer, Brazil

Colorado Cãolorado Cerveja para Cachorro Sabor Carne (Cãolorado Meat Flavored Dog Beer) is a non-alcoholic mixed drink containing blue hops specifically developed for dogs. With meat and chicken flavours, it is a liquid protein manufactured without alcohol content, rich in vitamins and fibres and developed by experts in nutrition and veterinary specialists in animal feed. The “beer”, which has the flavours of meat and chicken, is made with malt extract and beer yeast. Unlike the human version, the drink does not undergo fermentation and is not carbonated.

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