For the latest in consumer and industry news, top trends and market perspectives, stay tuned to Mintel News featuring commentary from Mintel's team of global category analysts.

The global pandemic has created a sea change in the way consumers live their lives and brands are shuffling their messaging to connect with them. Mintel experts from across the globe discuss how COVID-19 has accelerated and shifted global consumer trends, such as more experiences, seamless spending, humanizing technology interactions, and going live on social media. They also provide recommendations on how brands should move forward in this new era.


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Dana Macke (host)
Associate Director, Mintel Reports US, Lifestyles and Leisure


Diana Kelter
Senior Trends Analyst, Americas


Vanessa Rondine
Senior Trends Analyst LAR

Helen Fricker
Trends Manager, EMEA

Elysha Young
Trends Manager, APAC