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In this episode of Mintel Little Conversation, host Andrew Davidson is joined by thought leaders across the telecom and media, insurance and omnichannel marketing industries to discuss Mintel Comperemedia’s 2021 trend predictions – what the experts got right or wrong and key lessons for marketers as we emerge from the pandemic. Some industries weathered the storm of 2020 by rising to the occasion, but 2021 meant bracing for resets as consumers settled into their ‘next normal’. Others had to double-down on innovation to find success – from multi-dimensional engagement to unexpected collaborations and blurred product offers. In 2021, we saw increased marketing spend in certain channels, a shift in messaging tone to be more ‘helpful’ and campaigns that focused on credibility, localism, brand awareness and a consumer-first perspective. What were the pressing issues and hot topics for marketers in 2021? How did brands step up and step ahead of the competition? What do marketers need to know with regard to offline experiences, blurring marketing and entertainment, and empowerment when planning their 2022 strategies? Listen now to find out!


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Andrew Davidson (host)
SVP/Chief Insights Officer, Mintel Comperemedia


Emily Groch
Director of Insights, Telecom, Mintel Comperemedia


Lierin Ehmke
Insights Manager, Mintel Comperemedia Omni


Nicole Bond
Senior Research Analyst, Mintel Comperemedia