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Host Samantha Dover and her guest Rebecca McGrath explore the big themes in influencer marketing. Despite predictions to the contrary, macro- and micro-influencer marketing exploded during the pandemic and quickly became an even more competitive space for both the influencers impacting consumer purchasing behaviours and decisions and the brands with which they work. What are the factors brands need to consider when developing an influencer strategy? How heavily should authenticity and transparency be weighed? What are the benefits and drawbacks of forging long-term, collaborative influencer partnerships? And how is consumer understanding of the role influencers play in their lives evolving? Listen now to find out!

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Samantha Dover
Category Director, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care
In addition to her role as a host of Mintel Little Conversation, Sam spends her time identifying and analysing emerging beauty and personal care trends, writing in-depth market research reports in multiple sectors and providing expert recommendations for her clients.


Rebecca McGrath
Associate Director, Media and Technology, Mintel Reports UK