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Mintel estimates total consumer expenditure reached RMB45,003 billion in 2021, increasing by 10.3% from 2020. This estimation is closely in line with our last year’s forecast of a 9.8% increase in total spending. The compound annual growth rate has been 1.9% since 2019 – the year before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Among the sectors which experienced significant falls in spending due to the outbreak, eating out (ie foodservice, out-ofhome alcoholic drinks) is on a faster track of recovery compared with leisure and entertainment and holidays, returning to the same level in 2019. Due to the sporadic regional outbreaks and travel restrictions still in place, holiday spending only takes a share of 4.1% of total spending in 2021, which used to be 9.6% back in 2019.

The report covers the following 14 expenditure categories:

• In-home Food
• Foodservice (Eating Out and Takeaways)
• Non-alcoholic Drinks
• Alcoholic Drinks – In-home and Out-of-home
• Beauty and Personal Care
• OTC and Pharmaceuticals
• Clothing and Accessories
• Household Care
• Technology and Communication
• Leisure and Entertainment
• Home
• Transport
• Holiday
• Personal Finance and Housing

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