3 innovative beauty products to watch for in November 2020

November 17, 2020
3 min read

Mintel’s team of global beauty experts track product launches that address new consumer needs. This month, they spotlight innovative night and sustainable fragrances and a multi-use product that can be used solo or mixed with foundation.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Privée Night Fragrance

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle L’Eau Privée is a fragrance to be worn specifically at night. It is A lighter version of Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum and can be used on skin and hair.


Mintel’s The Future of Fragrance: 2021 analyses how nighttime is becoming a new moment to wear fragrances inside the home. It connects with the notions of sensual intimacy and offers a complement of pampering rituals for consumers who have fewer occasions to go out. Nearly half of UK women disagree that fragrances are only necessary when being around others, according to Mintel research on fragrances in the UK.

(Launched in September 2020 in the UK)

– Margaux Caron, Global Beauty Analyst

Kanebo Performing Drop

Kanebo Performing Drop is a multi-use product that can be mixed with foundation or used solo as a makeup base. It features Clear Transformation Oil Formula, the brand’s new translucence and emulsification technology. Available in three shades: Vibrant Red for a healthy glow, Misty White for a bright look and Radiant Black for a dignified, contoured finish.


The customisation trend continues to gain traction among consumers. In Japan, a quarter of consumers are interested in beauty and grooming products that have custom formulas suitable for their skin/hair type. Additionally, more than two-thirds of Japanese consumers would like to see more products that enhance their natural beauty, demonstrating strong demands for lightweight formulas and an effortless look.

(Launched in September 2020 in Japan)

– Reiko Hasegawa, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst


Look Labs Cyber Eau de Parfum

Look Labs Cyber Eau de Parfum is a futuristic, sci-fi inspired, genderless and vegan fragrance that is sustainable and lights up to remind users to recycle responsibly. With a simple touch, the recycle and earth symbols light up to remind users to protect the environment and dispose of responsibly. Its ultra-light glass packaging is made with an innovative glass-forming technique and shaped to minimise CO2 emissions. It is easy to use and carry, refillable and recyclable by waste separation.


Per Mintel Trend, ‘Sense of the Intense,’ there’s huge potential in maximising touch in packaging to give users an elevated sensory experience. In Germany, a third of adults aged 25-34 agree the design of the fragrance bottle is equally as important as the scent, while in the UK, one in five fragrance users would pay more for an eye-catching bottle and fragrances with sustainable ingredients.

(Pre-order from October 2020 in Germany)

– Diana Alves Costa, GNPD Beauty Innovation Coverage Manager

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