5 Innovative beauty products to watch for in September 2020

September 21, 2020
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This month, Mintel’s team of global beauty experts spot innovations in beauty that range from serums that feature collagen proteins with zero animal input to algae-based undereye masks that are ‘grown to order.’ Check out their top picks for September:

Pacifica Vegan Collagen Complex Serum

This product features vegan collagen and has a cruelty-free claim. The collagen proteins in the serum are produced through a plant-based fermentation process that uses zero animal input, while the structural, biochemical, physical and biological properties mimic those of animal-derived collagen.


In the US, more than one-third of 18-24-year-old consumers who use skincare products look for cruelty-free skincare options, according to Mintel US research on facial skincare and anti-aging. Additionally, one in 10 US consumers associate vegan claims with natural and organic products, while a similar number associate vegan claims with clean beauty products. While the association numbers are small, vegan claims can be a quick indicator that a product is “better for you” or is more aligned with consumers’ values.

– Lauren Goodsitt, Senior Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst

SUNDAY II SUNDAY Root Refresh Micellar Rinse

Designed to care for Black hair, this no-rinse micellar formulation refreshes hair and the scalp in between wash days. The spray refreshes hair and the scalp after exercise and in between wash days, removing product build-up and excess dirt and oil without stripping hair. It’s easy to use: spray at roots of hair and scalp and massage gently – no rinsing required. It’s formulated with apple cider vinegar to help neutralize odors and fight odor-causing bacteria and also contains surfactant-free micelles that provide gentle cleansing action


In the US, more than four in five Black women who wear natural hairstyles primarily use haircare product formulations specifically for Black hair.

– Sarah Jindal, Associate Director, Global Beauty & Personal Care

Haeckels Bio-Restore Membrane

This algae-based undereye mask is 100% natural and compostable made of a bio-membrane activated with water. It reduces signs of tiredness thanks to a blend of seaweed, hyaluronic acid and Aloe vera. It also contains agar extracted from seaweed and is grown in-house for three weeks.


Growing ingredients instead of harvesting existing natural resources makes a stance against resource depletion, an approach that echoes one-fifth of UK BPC buyers who are most concerned about depleting the earth’s natural resources when purchasing natural beauty products.

Patent activity around algae in skincare has been growing in the past 10 years, as these ingredients respond to demand for sustainability, naturality and efficiency. It taps into the expectations of the three-quarters of UK adults who say it is important for the quality of natural and organic products to match regular products.

The product is also in line with the 2030 Mintel Global Beauty Trend, ‘The Panorama of Humanity’ which has recently been accelerated by the pandemic.

– Margaux Caron, Global Beauty Analyst

Q’sai Skinkalede Revitalizing Gel

Skinkalede is a new skincare brand produced by Japanese food maker Q’sai, known for its kale powder drinks. The product combines the functions of moisturising gel, emulsion, serum, cream and mask to complete a skincare routine in one step after preparing the skin with lotion. It contains 97.89% skin-beneficial ingredients, including kale leaf extract, nine kinds of botanical extracts and five kinds of essential oils inspired by the Mediterranean.


The gel features a concentrated formula made with fermented collagen liquid as a base instead of water, in line with the Mintel 2025 Global Beauty Trend, ‘Water – the new luxury’.

This product will appeal to the nearly three in five Japanese consumers who think a healthy diet can be more beneficial to skin and hair than the products they use, according to Mintel Global Consumer – Beauty Personal Care & Household.

– Reiko Hasegawa, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

Hera Airy Blur Priming Powder

This innovative dough-type formula is thinly coated with powder and is made through an innovative production process – the formulation keeps the primer from caking onto previously applied skincare products. The unique doughy texture coated in powder erases pores and imperfections for up to 24 hours, without leaving behind any stickiness.

It features a wide, half-moon-shaped brush cut to fit the shape and curve of the face to ensure seamless blending with one to two light touches.


This product will appeal to the two in five Chinese female consumers who don’t touch up their makeup when they’ve used long-lasting products.

– Sharon Kwek Si Ling, Associate Director, Southeast Asia, Beauty & Personal Care

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