S05 Ep123
Why brands are using astrology in their marketing strategy

Host Elysha Yong welcomes consumer lifestyle and marketing strategy experts to discuss how marketers are using astrology in campaigns. How are astrological signs impacting consumers’ food and drink purchase decisions? Listen to the conversation to find out more about self-expression, decision paralysis, and astrology trends on social media.

*This episode is re-aired and was originally published in April 2022.

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*This episode is re-aired and was originally published in April 2022.

Meet the Host
Elysha Young
Associate Director, Mintel Trends, APAC
Meet the Guests
Diana Kelter
Associate Director, Mintel Trends, North America
Huiqi Ong
Senior Consumer Lifestyle Analyst, Mintel Reports
Nicole Bond
Associate Director of Marketing Strategy, Mintel Comperemedia
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