Multicultural matter: The Hispanic Private Label Consumer

February 20, 2013
2 min read

Not so long ago, Hispanic consumers were considered the most brand loyal of any other ethnic group; but changes in the US economy became a game changer for most Hispanic grocery shoppers. This shift provided a significant opportunity for private label brands; more than half of Hispanic consumers have purchased a private label product in the last year. Those private label brands that have not reached out to Hispanics should keep in mind that Hispanics have larger households and their grocery bill is higher than that of non-Hispanics. Almost 50% of Hispanic households have children under the age of 18 compared to 27% of U.S. households; food and non-food items that are driven by the presence of children in the home can only benefit from reaching out to this consumer group.


Based on our report The Hispanic Private Label Consumer, language is a much greater factor than household income in the likelihood that Hispanics will purchase a private label product. Bilingual and English-dominant Hispanic households are more likely to purchase a private label product, which is quite interesting since it is the Spanish-dominant homes that tend to have lower household income and so are more likely to be price sensitive. This does not mean that Spanish-dominant households are not purchasing private label products, almost half of them are, but the opportunity to drive sales among these consumers can’t be ignored.

For more information on the Hispanic consumer you can dowload our exclusive info-graphic or contact us here.

Leylha Ahuile
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