How UK retailers are helping Valentine’s Day celebrations at home

February 11, 2021
3 min read

This year’s Valentine’s Day will be one to remember – as couples find alternatives to the traditional dining at restaurants to celebrate the occasion during lockdown. There’s likely to be an increased focus on in-home celebrations, which will have the potential to boost seasonal food and drink, and alcoholic drink sales. Takeaways are also expected to see a boost for the day as households try to recreate the special occasion at home. But retailers will also have the opportunity to cater to singles who are looking to treat themselves this year, as trends in the wider market have focused on self-care.

Whether consumers are celebrating the day alone or with their partners, friends and family, retailers will have something special for every household. Below are some of my top picks for  Valentine’s Day treats that retailers are launching to ensure shoppers feel the love wherever they find themselves.

Ava May Aroma’s Valentine’s Day gift box

For those wanting to indulge themselves and escape reality, Ava May Aromas first V-Day gift box may be the perfect option. Priced at £30, the ‘I Love You’ box includes a heart wax melt burner, a room spray and three wax melts. 

Ava May Aroma’s I Love You gift box

Source: Ava May Aromas

Interflora’s ‘self-partnered’ range of flowers

To encourage single people to send flowers to themselves, Inetrflora has launched a range of ‘self-partnered’ flower bouquets. Shoppers complete a form online that will match them with the perfect flower bouquet, which  are designed for single people who want to congratulate themselves on getting a promotion, beating their 10km PB, or to send themselves a gift ‘just because’. 

Interflora’s ‘self-partnered’ flower bouquet

Source: Interflora

Lush launches subscription box

Lush has launched its first subscription box for £35/month. The box of products vary from month to month and can include bath bombs, make-up items and fresh flowers.The products use fresh fruit and vegetables as ingredients and are produced 48-hours before delivery.

Lush subscription box, 2021

Source: Lush

Morrisons Valentine’s Day movie night set

Morrisons released a series of Valentine’s Day themed gift inspiration ideas on its social media channels to show how shoppers could use items from its Home Living range to help celebrate the Day. Its Valentine’s Day inspired range includes a Movie Night Set with two cups and a tub of popcorn for a romantic night in.

Morrisons Valentine’s day movie night set, 2021

Source: Morrisons Instagram

What we Think

Valentine’s Day is expected to see continued engagement from shoppers who are looking for a reason to celebrate amid lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions. There will be plenty of opportunities for retailers to get involved by tapping into trends  COVID-19 has accelerated. We can expect shoppers to show an extra bit of love to family and friends this Valentine’s Day with a special meal at home, while those wanting to treat themselves will be looking for ways to indulge themselves for the day.

Emily Viberg
Emily Viberg

Emily Viberg is a Retail Analyst at Mintel. She researches and writes reports on seasonal shopping.

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