Comperemedia future-proofs marketing intelligence with the launch of Comperemedia Omni

October 17, 2019

Today, Comperemedia, a Mintel Company, announced the launch of a brand new solution to address omnichannel media strategy head-on: Comperemedia Omni.

Built on Comperemedia’s legacy of expertise in direct mail and email marketing, Comperemedia Omni is a competitive intelligence solution for the modern marketer, providing in-depth analysis of 13 marketing channels. Omni offers real-time, cross-channel data collection down to the product level, allowing marketers to view spend, frequency and volume, delivered with speed, simplicity, and clarity.

Comperemedia Omni provides instant transparency into competitive media strategies, allowing marketers at all levels to make faster, better-informed decisions. Omni’s automated dashboards, push alerts and search capabilities give clients lightning-fast access to a vast set of data in one, holistic channel view, all backed by expert data analysis and world-class client service.

Andrew Davidson, SVP/Chief Insights Officer, Comperemedia, said:

“With stretched budgets, disparate data sources, seemingly endless competitive noise, and next-to-nothing consumer attention spans, there’s no secret formula for delivering a successful marketing campaign. Omnichannel marketing recognizes that the consumer experience at each stage needs to be as relevant and seamless as possible. As the most powerful marketing solution to date, Comperemedia Omni brings an end to siloed marketing and delivers a solution to address omnichannel media strategy head-on.”

Comperemedia has been an industry standard for marketers since 1995. With continuous evolution to match the pace of the marketing industry, including advancements in technology, speed, and campaign analysis, Comperemdia continues to be a best-in-class partner for marketing professionals of all levels.

Shafiq Rajani, Vice President of Comperemedia, said:

“After an intensive period of investing in more data sets, building an entirely new software infrastructure from the ground up using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and challenging ourselves to answer the toughest questions plaguing marketers today, we’re in a position to ensure that Comperemedia can keep pace and provide our clients with clear, concise, and comparable data, no matter what new marketing channels emerge.

“With Comperemedia Omni, we’re redefining what’s possible by finally providing omnichannel marketers with the one source of truth for spend, frequency, and volume delivered to clients with recommendations on what it means for them. It is integrated intelligence for integrated marketing.”

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Interviews with Andrew Davidson, SVP/Chief Insights Officer, and Shafiq Rajani, Vice President, are available upon request from the press office.

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