Experience Days Out: 1 million dreams set to come true in 2007

March 2, 2007

Latest research from MINTEL finds that together the nation will take over one million experience days out this year alone, up from just 548,000 in 2001 (84% growth). What is more, 2007 will see the value of the market smash through the £100 million mark for the first time ever, having risen 53% over the same six year period. “The market for experience days out has benefited from the growing number of consumers who are less satisfied with traditional material wealth or simply owning stuff, and are beginning to seek personal fulfilment through experiences and living life to the full. Having tired of the more day to day leisure activities, consumers today are also looking for more intense experiences – both stimulating and relaxing, and are turning to experience days to fulfil this need,” explains Matt King, senior leisure analyst at MINTEL.

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