Mintel appoints Honorata Jarocka and Regina Maiseviciute as portfolio expands into Poland

January 17, 2014

Mintel today (17th January 2014) announced its expansion into consumer research and trends in Poland and the appointment of two key lead analysts for the region as Honorata Jarocka and Regina Maiseviciute join Mintel’s wider global food and drink expert analyst team. Both analysts join Mintel with extensive professional consumer research backgrounds, including most recently Euromonitor.

Chris Brockman, Regional Manager, Food & Drink, EMEA Region, at Mintel said:

“I am delighted to welcome Honorata and Regina to the global food and drink research team. Poland is currently one of the most exciting and fast moving consumer markets in Europe – and emerging economies in the world – and it is therefore the right time for Mintel to be at the forefront of tracking consumer trends and behaviour there. The expertise of Honorata and Regina will help ensure that Mintel makes a solid progression into the food and drink market in Poland.”

Honorata Jarocka joins Mintel as Food and Drink Analyst – Poland. Her focus area is food categories with a particular interest in health and wellness trends as well as product innovations. With almost a decade of previous experience in market research, Honorata has analysed various sectors in Poland, including packaged food, retailing, beauty and personal care, home care, tissue and hygiene; consumer health, tobacco, pet food and pet care products.

Beyond her market research expertise, Honorata has also engaged in marketing and promotional activities, while working for such prominent players in Poland like LPP and Oceanic as well as advertising agency TequilaBTL Group (now TequilaPolska).

Regina Maiseviciute joins Mintel as Food and Drink Analyst – Poland. Her role encompasses tracking new innovation, consumer trends and market development activity in Poland. Regina brings over 10 years of experience working in leading market research and strategic analysis agencies, where she has provided insights and strategic recommendations to leading global FMCG organisations and packaging manufacturers, retailers and governmental bodies within Eastern Europe and also globally.

Regina’s fluency in English, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian allows her to have direct and uninterrupted communication and understanding of local flavours and trends. She also has extensive experience conducting both qualitative and quantitative research and holds a Masters degree in Sociology from Vilnius University.

Regina Maiseviciute, Food and Drink Analyst Poland at Mintel, said:

“It is very exciting opportunity to be a part of Mintel’s expansion into consumer research and trends in Poland – a very dynamic and exciting market, bringing a lot of interest from brand manufacturers, Governmental bodies and investors. Mintel already has unique knowledge and expertise regarding consumer trends and insights globally and helps thousands of businesses in their responsible decision-making and I am delighted to help develop it even further.”

Honorata Jarocka, Food and Drink Analyst Poland at Mintel, said:

“Mintel offers a unique approach to understanding markets, focusing on innovation and consumer behaviour, and I am extremely pleased to join the talented team. I truly believe we can provide companies operating in and interested in Poland with a strategic view on what is really happening on the market and analysing the true reasons behind the trends.”

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