Mintel Comperemedia forms strategic partnership with marketing intelligence platform Pathmatics

March 7, 2019

Following its investment in Santa Monica-based marketing intelligence platform Pathmatics, Mintel Comperemedia now leverages advanced marketing analytics for digital channels to bring an unparalleled client experience.

The strategic partnership arms Mintel Comperemedia’s legacy expertise in direct mail and email marketing with Pathmatics’ digital expertise to create a robust, holistic approach to integrated marketing intelligence across the ever-changing marketing landscape. Mintel Comperemedia now provides insights into competitor creative strategies, ad spend and performance across Facebook, display, video, mobile, print and native advertising channels.

This partnership is pivotal to Mintel Comperemedia’s success story: evolving to meet client needs, staying ahead of marketing industry changes and providing marketers the tools to make the most informed decisions possible.

Shafiq Rajani, Vice President, Mintel Comperemedia said:

“From day one, we’ve been ecstatic about the partnership between Mintel Comperemedia and Pathmatics. Not only is Pathmatics a solid cultural fit for us, but the team there is obsessed with and truly driven by their mission.

“Pathmatics’ relentless pursuit to bring transparency to the digital advertising world has given our analysts the confidence and ability to provide Mintel clients with the most comprehensive, cross-channel insights. We are proud to call Pathmatics our partner and look forward to further collaboration over the next several years.”

Jon Butcher, CEO Mintel Americas, said:

“Our continued investment in and partnership with Pathmatics is a key part of our ongoing growth strategy to provide expert analysis of the highest quality data and market research to help businesses grow. The unique combination of marketing intelligence and competitive strategy analysis created by Pathmatics and Mintel Comperemedia delivers a powerful solution for today’s diverse and challenging media market.

“This partnership is an exciting chapter for Mintel Comperemedia.”

Gabe Gottlieb, CEO, Pathmatics, said:

“We created Pathmatics to bring much needed transparency into the ad industry and give our customers the best insights possible to make smart and informed marketing decisions. Through our new partnership with Mintel, we are doubling-down on this core mission. Both Mintel and Pathmatics share a similar commitment to our clients, providing them with the unique perspective they need to navigate an increasingly complex media landscape.”

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