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International industry-leading market intelligence provider Mintel has today (24 February) unveiled updated branding to mark a shift in its company strategy.

The revised branding incorporates a new logo, visual identity and tagline – ‘Intelligence in time’ – to reflect Mintel’s focus on delivering actionable and current market intelligence. It follows a process of several months of in-depth research with both clients and employees and comprehensive market analysis to shape the new brand strategy. The decision to rebrand has also been tied in closely with the launch of Mintel’s new Food & Drink product – the first industry platform integrating all of Mintel’s extensive and exclusive food and drink data and analysis.

Peter Haigh, Mintel CEO said:

“Markets change, but the need for intelligence doesn’t. We listen to our clients and our refreshed branding is therefore representative of how we are adapting in response to their ever changing needs, while still maintaining the stability and trust Mintel is renowned for. Our updated product portfolio provides clients with the intelligence they need, in time to stay ahead of the market – and it is fitting that our change of image accompanies this move forward. The revived Mintel brand will excite our stakeholders and shape Mintel’s future in alignment with the company’s strategy and objectives. “

Mintel’s change in logo evolved from an already iconic symbol and keeps key strengths such as the yellow colour and the basic shape. To encapsulate the service orientated online company Mintel has grown to become, the refreshed logo brings the brand identity up to date and demonstrates a contemporary look and feel. The updated logo now also features the concept of thought bubbles, highlighting the intelligence long since associated with the Mintel brand, the upward movement suggesting growth and the curves a positive, actionable, forward-looking quality.

Alongside Mintel’s iconic yellow colour the new brand now incorporates purple, representing inspiration and decisiveness. In addition, the tagline will be used as a distillation of Mintel’s brand promise:

Mintel’s market intelligence, combined with best-in-class service, enables clients to make the right decision at the right time.

“The updated Mintel logo represents the forward-thinking market intelligence and service excellence that our clients have come to expect. It is the logo of a best-in-class brand. Our intelligence enables clients to anticipate the market rather than react to it. Therefore our new ‘Intelligence in time’ tag line has never been more appropriate, as we’re helping businesses make the right decisions, supported by the best data, analysis and service available. “Peter concludes.