Mintel unveils Thai grocery shopping trends and global food and drink insights at Thaifex Anuga 2024

May 29, 2024

Economic uncertainties and inflation have led Thai consumers to prioritise value for money and health-conscious choices when it comes to grocery shopping. The latest Mintel research presented in this year’s Thaifex Anuga 2024 reveals that 60% of Thais rank affordability as the top factor influencing their choice of grocery retailer. This is more pronounced among Gen X (aged 44-59), where 66% now focus on purchasing only essential items, reflecting a trend towards more restrictive shopping behaviour. 

While 89% of Thai consumers express a desire to learn more about maintaining a healthy diet on a budget, the report also indicates that 28% of Thais believe eating healthily is too expensive, highlighting the need for more accessible nutrition. According to Rashmika Khanijou, Senior Food and Drink Analyst, Mintel Reports Thailand, grocery retailers and food/drink brands have an opportunity to develop strategies around affordable nutrition in response to these consumer needs. This includes offering competitive pricing, discounts, value packs, and facilitating meal planning.

“Brands can also explore rewarding healthier food choices through loyalty programs and appealing deals, as nearly half of Thai shoppers are influenced by promotions,” Khanijou added.

The report also underlines the potential for leveraging technology, such as AR, to enhance in-store shopping efficiency and the online purchase experience for fresh foods.

Online grocery shopping is also a growing trend, with 29% of urban consumers saying they have increased their frequency of online grocery shopping. This presents an opportunity for innovation in private-label product offerings and enhancing the quality of fresh foods sold online according to Khanijou.

2024 Global Food and Drink Trends

Looking at broader trends, Mintel also presented its 2024 Global Food and Drink Trends during the trade show.

The ‘Age Reframed’ trend highlights the shift in perception towards healthy ageing, with brands encouraged to cater to the diverse needs of consumers aged 40+ by offering balanced nutrition that supports active lifestyles. ‘Trust the Process’ emphasises the importance of transparency in processed foods, advocating for clear communication to help consumers understand the benefits of minimally processed products. Meanwhile, ‘Eating Optimised’ points to a tech-driven future where artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) integrate into meal planning and cooking, offering consumers new levels of convenience and creativity.

“We’re seeing a significant shift in consumer expectations, where health, pleasure, and convenience intersect. Brands that can successfully communicate the benefits of their products, while leveraging technology to enhance the consumer experience, will be well-positioned to capture new market opportunities,” said Heng Hong Tan, Mintel’s Senior Food and Drink Analyst, APAC.

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