Now launched: Mintel Reports Thailand

November 19, 2019

The smartest way to understand what consumers across Thailand want and why.

Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why has today announced the launch of Mintel Reports Thailand. Built on Mintel’s legacy of expertise in consumer markets, industry trends, and product innovation, Mintel Reports Thailand offers exclusive knowledge and actionable insights into Thailand’s consumer market. An expert-led, interactive consumer research tool, Mintel Reports Thailand delivers insights across the food and drink, beauty and personal care, and lifestyle markets throughout the five diverse regions of Thailand.

Backed by a rigorous and meticulous methodology, each report features key research findings, trend observations, expert recommendations, and actionable insights from Mintel’s team of local Thai analysts. Backed by global category expertise, Mintel Reports Thailand helps Mintel clients identify opportunities and make better business decisions faster.

Pimwadee Aguilar, Associate Director, Food and Drink, Mintel Reports Thailand, said:

“Mintel Reports Thailand gives companies and brands a unique, concise, and incisive perspective of key consumer industries and trends. Clients can drill into our consumer data to discover regional and socioeconomic differences. Moreover, Mintel’s expert analysts share their unique perspective and expertise on Thailand’s key consumer markets by examining the shifts in consumer behaviour and product innovation on a global and local scale.”

“With immersive and interactive data books that challenge assumptions about Thai consumers, and strategic, action-oriented recommendations delivered in an easy to understand way, Mintel Reports Thailand helps our clients understand what consumers want and why.”

Matthew Nelson, General Manager of Mintel Asia Pacific, said:

“Mintel has been helping businesses in Thailand grow and prosper for many years. With the launch of Mintel Reports Thailand, we are putting down roots and investing in the future of the market. As consumer markets become more competitive, Mintel has proven to be an unparalleled asset to our clients as they develop their business strategies amidst evolving social, economic, and political landscapes.

“With the winning combination of local expert recommendations and global consumer knowledge, Mintel Reports Thailand will help manufacturers, companies, and brands serving the Thailand market to identify white spaces and future opportunities and make better business decisions faster. This marks a key milestone for Mintel’s long-term growth strategy and commitment to the Asia Pacific region.”


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