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To celebrate Mintel Little Conversation’s 100 episode, hosts Andrew McDougall and Sam Dover have a discussion about value and how other behaviour drivers like experiences, surroundings and technology impact consumer preferences and purchases related to value, convenience, cost and quality. Later on in the conversation, Andrew and Sam take a look back at past episodes and share their favourite guests and topics, including the episodes that are newly relevant today—from the impact of fake news on consumer behaviour and the business of insights to the value of sustainability for brands and the role diversity and inclusivity play in consumer engagement. Join us for a little conversation with two of your favourite Mintel experts—listen now or watch our 100th episode on YouTube.

Thank you—to our amazing listeners—for 100 fascinating episodes! We truly appreciate your time and are honoured to take up space in your podcast rotation. Let’s keep the conversation going! Visit us on LinkedIn and Instagram to share your ideas!

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Andrew McDougall
Director, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care

Samantha Dover
Category Director, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care