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In today’s pre-season episode, host Andrew Davidson and Aspiration CEO Andrei Cherny discuss the societal shift that’s occurring as consumers shop more consciously and things like the environment and ethics play an increasingly important role in consumer behaviour. Cherny has worked for decades to make the financial system more sustainable and fair; with Aspiration, he offers an ‘eco-friendly alternative to the big banks’ telling consumers to ‘leave your bank, save the planet’. Hear Andrei’s take on why consumers are caring more, why brands struggle with consumer trust, the sustainability-as-a-service model, and what he says to those who question the impact of planting trees as a credit card reward.

In the second half of the episode, Andrew speaks with Richard Cope, Senior Trends Consultant at Mintel and author of the Mintel Sustainability Barometer, to get his expert opinion on sustainability-as-a-service. Why is eco-banking sexy? What’s different now compared to companies that have attempted this in the past? What role does marketing play—specifically, the celebrity influencer? And are consumers ready to buy in? Listen now to find out.

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Andrew Davidson (host)
SVP/Chief Insights Officer, Mintel Comperemedia
Andrei Cherny
Aspiration CEO


Richard Cope
Senior Trends Consultant, Mintel