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In today’s episode, host Elysha Young shines a spotlight on the science and art of consumer trend forecasting. She is joined by global consumer trend experts to discuss how trends are defined, how companies like Mintel identify new trends and the value of understanding consumer trends. There are a few ways to define a trend – changing collective attitudes, the fluid, forward movement of a landscape, any significant shift in behaviour – but no matter how you describe it, the experts are clear on three things: fads and trends are not the same; the evolution and trajectory of a trend are dependent on demographics; and knowing about consumer trends is critically important for calculating potential competitive, disruptive implications. Find out why by listening now.

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Elysha Young (host)
Trends Manager, APAC

Dana Macke
Director of Mintel Trends, Americas

Simon Moriarty
Director of Mintel Trends, EMEA

Matthew Crabbe
Director of Mintel Trends, APAC