Coca-Cola moves with new energy

October 8, 2019
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Earlier this year, Coca-Cola Australia released its first energy drink, Coca-Cola Energy, supported by a major campaign.

The new Coca-Cola drink was officially introduced to the market at ‘Free Dance Party’ founder Christie Aucamp-Schutte’s biggest street party in Sydney’s Circular Quay, with party goers at the impromptu dance fest receiving free samples of Coca-Cola Energy. Launching with a street party was seen as a natural fit for Coca-Cola Energy that employs the tagline ‘Move with a new energy’.


The integrated marketing campaign for the new drink is aimed at young adults aged 18-39 and features various promotional initiatives including a high energy TVC, experiential sampling, as well as disruptive outdoor advertising in major locations across Sydney.

Coca-Cola Energy is intended to appeal to busy people who are on the go and looking for an energy boost. It is also reported to launch in the US in 2020.

The drink features ingredients like caffeine and guarana and is launched with and without sugar. While consumers are constantly seeking ways to energise, they are also more conscious of sugar levels in such drinks and a sugarless variant is key to targeting this market. In fact, Mintel research reveals that as many as 46% of urban Australians say that they are looking to avoid refined sugars in their daily diets. Australians also enjoy the iconic Coca-Cola taste and this connection works in the brand’s favour as it enters the energy drinks territory.

This new launch is the latest example of Coca-Cola’s strategy to give consumers a range of drinks for various occasions and lifestyles. With awareness around the impact of sugary drinks on the rise, brands like Coca-Cola will seek to branch out to categories that offer more health and functional benefits.

As iconic brands like Coca-Cola embark on the journey of diversification, it will be critical to keeping up the quality and attributes that make them what they are.

Elysha Young
Elysha Young

Elysha manages the Asia Pacific Mintel Trends team made up of expert analysts and trend spotters. She currently oversees content for Mintel Trends as well as client servicing for the region.

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