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Mintel Little Conversation—a podcast about innovation brought to you by the experts who know consumers better than anyone else.

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What makes a brand trustworthy? Will artificial intelligence take over the world? What is behind our love/hate relationship with sustainability? How will personal identity and human rights affect purchase decisions?

Mintel’s new podcast series ‘Little Conversation’ brings you fresh ideas and new perspectives on how we eat, drink, shop, groom and think. From the key issues impacting society to trends in food, beauty, tech and retail, we’re discussing what consumers want and why.

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Mintel Little Conversation—a podcast about innovation brought to you by the experts who know consumers better than anyone else.

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Season Three

Super Bowl Episode an advertising event unlike any other

How brand loyalty is changing

In this episode of Little Conversation, host Samantha Dover is joined by experts in consumer trends and purchase behaviour for a discussion about brand loyalty and to answer the questions: how has brand loyalty changed, what behaviour shifts are driving those changes, and what opportunities are there for brands to create loyalty in the future? The COVID-19 pandemic saw consumers prioritising needs over wants and redefining what value means to them, whether that's value through price, quality, convenience, or needs met. The last 18 months also saw an increase in consumer desire for experiences and looking to brands to fill that void. Today, the demand for value and experience are merging, offering brands unique opportunities to reward consumers and drive loyalty - but how? Listen now to find out.

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Taking a stand vs. virtue signaling: How to make the right decision for your brand

In this episode of Little Conversation, host Edward Bergen is joined by experts in food and drink, beauty and personal care, and DE&I for an honest discussion about whether or not brands should take a stand concerning ethical, environmental, political and/or social justice issues. The data makes for a compelling case: nearly two-thirds of consumers say they prefer to be associated with brands that align with their values. But how consumers behave tells a different story, one where convenience, price and the product delivering on its promise are most important. So, when – and how – will a brand find success moving beyond the role of providing goods for money and taking a stand for a worthy cause? Are certain industries and audiences more receptive to brand ethics and social responsibility? How thin is the line between brand ethos and marketing campaign? And when do virtue signalling and cancel culture bring it all crashing down? Listen now to find out.

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What brands need to know about convenience and consumer expectations

In this episode of Little Conversation, host Matthew Crabbe discusses the vast and nuanced concept of convenience with experts in consumer behaviour and trend analysis. As the pandemic has significantly shifted how and why consumers make decisions, they consider how consumer expectations around convenience have changed, what consumers now expect from brands in delivering convenience, and what the next convenience benefits will be that consumers will demand from brands. Is convenience more about saving time or making 'difficult things' less difficult? Are innovation, information, technology, and experiences facilitating or hindering convenience, and how do demographics come into play? They also look ahead and debate whether or not consumers will slow it all down and revert to pre-pandemic behaviours, sharing their predictions for the future of convenience that supports routine, reward, value, curation, and subscription.

Super Bowl Episode an advertising event unlike any other

Interview with Bilt Founder and CEO Ankur Jain

In this episode of Mintel Little Conversation, host Andrew Davidson sits down with entrepreneur and investor Ankur Jain to discuss his latest project—an innovative, new loyalty program and co-branded credit card called Bilt Rewards, aimed at renters. Through parent company Kairos HQ, one of Ankur's goals is to use technology to make everyday expenses more affordable, specifically for Millennial and Gen Z consumers. From Bilt's value proposition, features, and marketing strategy to the accelerated launch in summer 2021, Ankur shares why and how they are disrupting the apartment rental market and taking on traditional credit card rewards, as well as his insights on what brands and marketers should consider when targeting younger consumers. Following Ankur's interview, Andrew speaks with Mark Miller, Director of Financial Services Insights at Mintel Comperemedia, to get his take and discuss broader implications for the credit card industry. Listen now!

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What 2021 trend predictions can tell us about the future of consumer behaviour

In this episode of Mintel Little Conversation, host Andrew Davidson is joined by some of Mintel's best and brightest—three of the authors of Mintel's 2021 Trends spanning the global consumer, food and drink, and beauty and personal care categories. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mintel analysts sat down to predict future consumer behaviour and its impact on business strategy. Hear their take on the value of trend forecasting and of revisiting trends to see how the pandemic added strength to or challenged certain predictions, and accelerated, paused or even erased already-evolving consumer behaviours. What roles did routine, ritual, wellbeing, value and experience play in 2021 and how have trend trajectories been altered as a result? Curious to know what they're predicting for 2022 and beyond? Listen now to find out!

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What's behind successful challenger brand strategies?

In this episode of Mintel Little Conversation, host Andrew McDougall dives into the world of challenger brands—what drives them, what makes them successful, why we need them, and what more established brands can learn from them. They provide disruption beyond new product innovation and use storytelling to create communities around an untapped consumer need, from ingredients and packaging to brand ethos. Prioritising psychographics over demographics, agility and speed in decision making, and disrupting cultural norms by normalising new behaviours, learn about the strategies that drive success for indie brands.

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How to make better sustainability-driven business decisions

Following the recent release of the Mintel Sustainability Barometer 2021, host Samantha Dover sits down with consumer lifestyle experts, trend spotters, and futurists to discuss the current state of global consumers' sustainability behaviours, preferences, and purchases. The question of whether or not the average consumer really cares about sustainability is an important one, but equally important is how much do consumers actually know about sustainability, and issues like climate change, single-use plastic, and solar energy, as that directly impacts how brands should develop new products, messaging strategies, and future planning. The consumer experts and brands strategists take us through the nuances of the data, including the impact of the 'sustainability gap', and offer advice and recommendations for brands and marketers that want to make better sustainability-driven decisions.

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Patents: A crystal ball for brands and marketers

There are roughly 44 million active patents globally. While well-known to those in the legal field, patents can serve as a massive library of scientific information and product innovation for brands and marketers. But what exactly is a patent and why/how should marketers pay more attention to them? In today’s episode, host Edward Bergen welcomes two patent experts to discuss the insights brands can discover from patent filings to inform product innovation, competitive market analysis, and marketing strategy, and the impact patents have on the future of a range of industries including food, drink, beauty, financial services, and insurance.

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What marketers need to know about Prime Day 2021

As consumers globally slowly emerge from the pandemic, will they be eager to spend on discounted electronics, appliances, and streaming subscriptions or has the luster of Amazon Prime Day’s 48-hour sale (June 21-22) faded due to a damaged company image and increased competition? Mintel retail, consumer, and competitive marketing experts discuss the significance of Prime Day, its impact on the evolution of the ecommerce sector and retail competition overall, as well as what the future holds for Amazon. Listen now to find out what brands and advertisers should take away from Prime Day 2021.

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Managing expectations: Consumers, brands, and data privacy

Data privacy is appearing in the headlines more and more as ransomware attacks have exposed how vulnerable governments, institutions, and companies can be to security breaches. Mintel experts from around the globe sit down to discuss the state of data privacy, specifically consumers' privacy expectations, their expectations of brands, and the risk/reward for sharing their data. What steps are consumers taking to safeguard their online behaviour and how will that impact brands? What can marketers learn from the brands that are expertly navigating the present landscape? Listen now to find out how data privacy is playing out in different categories and what challenges lie ahead.

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The future of cities

The pandemic has altered a lot about how people live, but also where they live. Lockdowns, restrictions, and indefinite work-from-home policies are forcing consumers to change their behaviours which is accelerating timelines and expanding the realm of possibility of where home is. When it comes to cities and how they are used, the consumer mindset is changing.

Super Bowl Episode an advertising event unlike any other

Vices: Moderation, mental health, community, and culture

Last autumn, we gathered a few of our consumer experts for a discussion on vices. At the time of the original air date, we were in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic and many of us were months into indulging our vices in order to make it through. Today, we're revisiting that conversation. With some economies opening up and regaining a bit of normalcy, meanwhile, others are experiencing devastating third waves and stalled vaccination programs, how consumers are managing their mental health, finding catharsis, and redefining their sense of community and culture is important now more than ever.

Super Bowl Episode an advertising event unlike any other

Changes in the social media landscape and the impact on marketing strategy

When is the last time you evaluated your social media strategy? With the recent developments, new features, and entirely new platforms, host Andrew Davidson sits down with Mintel social media experts to discuss the trends driving the ever-evolving social media landscape, how brands are responding to changing consumer behaviours, and what marketers must do to stay competitive in the next 12 months.

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Mental health: What consumers want and how brands navigate the landscape

Mental health has become a key concern accelerated by the pandemic. Consumers say they experience stress, anxiety, and burnout in their daily lives, presenting unique opportunities for brands. But navigating what, where, when and how is crucial for brands looking to support consumers on their mental health journeys. Listen now to learn more!

Super Bowl Episode an advertising event unlike any other

2021 Consumer Trends: What's driving consumer behaviour

On this episode, host Andrew McDougall chats with category and consumer experts about the trends shaping, shifting, and accelerating markets this year. They cover trends in food, drink, foodservice, beauty, personal care, and household care, as well as the overarching themes that are driving global consumer behaviour, like experiences, rights, wellbeing and technology.

Super Bowl Episode an advertising event unlike any other

Experiences and the future of e-commerce

Host Samantha Dover sits down with retail experts covering Europe and North America to discuss the future of e-commerce. The industry has grown steadily in recent years but consumer interest and adoption skyrocketed during the pandemic. So, what's next for the oversaturated market?

Super Bowl Episode an advertising event unlike any other

International Women's Day: The role brands can play in making an impact

In honour of International Women’s Day (8 March), host Alexis DeSalva Kahler leads a discussion about how the women's rights movement has influenced female purchase power, what female consumer buying behaviour looks like today, the role brands play in supporting, encouraging, and empowering female consumers through language and imagery, and the impact of social media.

Super Bowl Episode an advertising event unlike any other

Chinese New Year: Innovative brand campaigns and shifting consumer behaviour

In the official first episode of season three, host Matthew Crabbe welcomes analysts from across Asia-Pacific to discuss what's trending in the run-up to Chinese New Year - from innovative products and services to new marketing campaigns.

Super Bowl Episode an advertising event unlike any other

Super Bowl Episode: An advertising event unlike any other

With Super Bowl LV less than a week away, Mintel experts anticipate the cultural impact of the most-watched US TV broadcast event in the context of a divided nation, an economic crisis, and a global pandemic. They explore the challenges facing advertisers as they struggle to find the right tone and grab attention.

The rise of vegan food and drink podcast episode

Special Episode: The rise of vegan food and drink

Ahead of the start of season three, we have a special episode today with a discussion on the popularity of Veganuary - the annual challenge of following a vegan lifestyle for the month - and the future of plant-based foods.