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In this episode of Little Conversation, host Matthew Crabbe discusses the vast and nuanced concept of convenience with experts in consumer behaviour and trend analysis. As the pandemic has significantly shifted how and why consumers make decisions, they consider how consumer expectations around convenience have changed, what consumers now expect from brands in delivering convenience, and what the next convenience benefits will be that consumers will demand from brands. Is convenience more about saving time or making ‘difficult things’ less difficult? Are innovation, information, technology, and experiences facilitating or hindering convenience, and how do demographics come into play? They also look ahead and debate whether or not consumers will slow it all down and revert to pre-pandemic behaviours, sharing their predictions for the future of convenience that supports routine, reward, value, curation, and subscription.


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Matthew Crabbe (host)
Director of Mintel Trends, APAC


Diana Kelter
Senior Trends Analyst, Americas


Elysha Young
Manager, Mintel Trends, APAC


Liisa Kontas
Trends Analyst, EMEA