Rushikesh Aravkar
Rushikesh is Mintel's Food & Drink Analyst based in Mumbai. He is responsible for providing insights and fresh analysis on India's food and beverage market.

Traditionally, dahi has been a staple in the Indian diet and is widely regarded as a functional food that aids digestion and improves immune support. The heightened focus on health, specifically immune health, brought about by the pandemic remains a key opportunity for dahi (or curd) and yogurt. 

While dahi enjoys universal appeal in India, outside of flavour, yogurt lacks differentiation from dahi and most consumers consider it to be the Westernised version of dahi. For value-added innovations, it is important for yogurt brands to double down on health and nutrition and highlight better-for-you attributes instead of just flavour.

In this video, we spotlight the key trends and opportunities in India’s yogurt market and discuss how brands are well placed to drive the preventive health message home and expand usage as nutritious, indulgent snack foods.

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