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Our team of expert foodservice analysts combine exclusive consumer research with trustworthy market data to give you a 360-degree view of the dining-out experience.


Find the tools and research you need to stay ahead in the foodservice industry all in one place. Our data comes backed by expert recommendations and market predictions, so you’ll gain vital knowledge to drive your business toward success. From flavor and meal trends to diner attitudes and behaviors, our foodservice expertise is all-encompassing. Our foodservice experts help make sense of consumer dining out and menu patterns and apply their insights directly to your business via one-on-one conversations, tailored intelligence and reports.

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Mintel Reports include detailed consumer research, sales data and market information along with analysis, context and commentary to provide the complete picture of the past, present and future of key markets.

Mintel Trends

By tracking trends, analyzing and interpreting consumer behavior, Mintel Trends helps you understand changes in culture, markets and brands so you can target consumers more effectively.


Mintel Market Sizes is a fast, reliable database of global market information, including sizes, segmentation, market shares and forecast.

Mintel Food & Drink

Mintel Food & Drink is all our market data, trend tracking and consumer analysis on the food and drink industry, in the hands of our world-class analysts, to give your business the advantage.


From market assessment to landscape analysis, Mintel Consulting delivers a fresh viewpoint supported by rigorous data on brand, innovation, strategy and consumer insight.


In order to stay on top of evolving menu trends and know where the foodservice market is headed, you need Mintel Intelligence. You need access to food and drink menus from all over the US; their calorie information, descriptions, flavors, preparation, pricing, as well as ingredient claims. You want to understand the foodservice consumer; their dining habits, what they buy and why. How their behaviors are changing and what that means for your brand. You need insights specifically tailored to your industry and business; a fresh viewpoint to help you develop marketing strategies that will propel your company forward. Fully understanding the foodservice market takes up time and resources. At Mintel, we do the hard work for you.

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Premium report
UK eating out review market report


In this report, Mintel analyses consumers’ decision-making process with regards to foodservice venues. The scope of the report is the eating out-of-home (OOH) market within the UK, including ordering home delivery/takeaway.