GNPD is a great tool, and I often use it to support some of the work we do for the categories. When used properly, it can stimulate creativity and generate new ideas, verify if any new ideas we come up with have already been launched elsewhere, and illustrate how other brands and retailers are solving specific customer needs or interpreting trends

Ayisha Koyenikan
Product Research Manager
TESCO Food Academy

I rely a lot on GNPD report because you can view all the trends in a specific category with examples of products in other countries. That is very good for us because it very often gives us an idea of what could be applied to our own brands.

Mintel GNPD is a great tool that our full team use on a number of different levels to better understand both products and markets with the ability to drill down into a great level of detail.

We have also used Mintel services to conduct a number of specific market reviews tailored to particular parameters as feeds into wider presentations for the different divisions within the group.

My team’s responsibilities include new product development, reformulation, redesign, brand maintenance etc.

We need to understand trends and new developments across multiple product categories, as well as the ingredients and formulations behind these.

We find the Mintel services within GNPD an excellent, efficient and cost-effective way to clearly understand market activities across a wide variety of product categories and are able to review product design, ingredients, nutritional and legal claims for any products of interest.

These services are used by both our developers and technologists to better understand our competitor base across a number of criteria.

They offer great account management and have ran a number of tailored market analysis reports for us as part of our service agreement.

In marketing, we use Mintel’s services particularly in terms of specific needs, so for example we would ask if you can supply us with information about products with vegan claims.

Mintel assists us with your studies of specific segments, such as liquid liners for example.

All news about the lips, eyes, face and nails categories is very much appreciated!

Mintel is a great benefit for us in sourcing information about what is new in the cosmetics market, plus it gives us real detail as well about specific subjects we are interested in.

New markets such as China coming on stream offer opportunities for us but challenges also, particularly around the registration of ingredients.

Traceability of ingredients is also becoming more important as consumers want to know more and more about where the products they buy are coming from.

That creates a challenge of sustainability, one we are responding to by sourcing more natural ingredients for use in personal care products.

With a lot of our key accounts we don’t know exactly where they are using our ingredients, so GNPD helps us in finding out which formulations they appear in, and in which countries those products are being sold.

We can search for the specific name and then we know for sure that is in the end product and we can also screen by the effects those products are designed to achieve. It gives us a lot of extremely valuable information on how our ingredients are used in products with specific claims.

That is critical for us because many of our customers change their formulations and launch new products all the time.