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Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, has today (12 November, 2018) launched Mintel Purchase Intelligence, the latest innovation in product comparison technology, providing rapid, reliable consumer opinion on every reported new food and drink product on the market*.

Every day, Mintel benchmarks consumer reactions to new product launches so manufacturers, companies and brands can immediately understand and analyse what is driving purchase decisions. The combination of Mintel’s product intelligence and consumer research provides companies with a unique picture of how to succeed when developing, launching and selling a new product.

Jonny Forsyth, Associate Director, Food & Drink at Mintel, said:

“Mintel Purchase Intelligence is the ultimate product intelligence tool. It tracks new launches in all food and drink categories across the UK, France, Australia and US. It serves up detailed data on product ingredients, innovation, promotion and packaging. It gauges consumer reaction, from what they think to whether they would purchase. And then it asks them why.

“That’s a uniquely powerful combination of competitive intelligence and consumer insight. The power of Mintel’s world-leading Global New Products Database (GNPD) paired with the insight of the most comprehensive ongoing study of consumer perception and intention to buy ever produced.”

Karen Dowse, Senior Vice President, EMEA Commercial Development at Mintel, had this to say:

“With Mintel’s new offering brands can uncover the trends to follow and the white space to target. It can offer proof of concept or provide a pulse for markets and brands. It can guide product positioning, as well as retail planning. It can help brands invent, reinvent and revolutionise. Above all, it can help brands differentiate and that’s what we’re most excited about in bringing Purchase Intelligence to the UK, French and Australian markets.”

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*Mintel Purchase Intelligence is currently available to companies worldwide looking for purchase intent research on consumer food and drink markets in the US, UK, France and Australia.

Interviews with analysts from Mintel’s global Purchase Intelligence research team are available on request from the Mintel Press Office. For more information on Mintel Purchase Intelligence, please get in touch.